Q What does Nanuk mean?

A. NANUK means polar bear in the Inuit language, an animal that thrives in the harsh arctic environment.

Q. Who manufactures Nanuk Cases?

A. NANUK instrument and equipment cases are manufactured by Plasticase inc. in Quebec Canada

Q. Do Nanuk Cases have certification?

A. Nanuk cases are quality tested, click here to find out more

Q. What Colours do you have available?

A. this depends on current stock but standard colours are Black, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Graphite. Some smaller cases also come in Red and Blue.

Q. Which Nanuk case should I purchase?

A. The NANUK protective cases for your application should take into account the size of your components and allow for a layer of foam between 1 and 2 inches all around to adequately protect your equipment. Highly sensitive equipment should allow for more foam to allow for extra protection. Each case page has inner and outer dimensions.

Q. What are the cases made of?

A. Plasticase developed the NK-7 resin specifically for NANUK. This resin is a polypropylene based material that has been enhanced with several performance additives that increase toughness, impact resistance while remaining lightweight. The NK-7 resin has been engineered to perform in the harshest of environmental extremes, making these great military, industrial, and medical equipment cases.

Q. How does the automatic pressure release system work?

A. Changes in altitude and geographic location create a vacuum which can effectively seal watertight cases shut. NANUK’s integrated auto-pressure valve equalizes this atmospheric pressure difference. Using state-of-the-art technology, the micro vent allows air to pass through while preventing water from entering. Our products using the automatic pressure release system make excellent dive cases.

Q. What is the standard foam supplied with Nanuk cases?

A. NANUK tough cases come with protective foam. The high quality polyurethane foam is multi-layered to ensure easy customization. The multi-layered set of customizable inserts includes a pre-scored removable layer. This layer consists of foam squares that can be removed in various configurations to accommodate the contents of the case.

Q. What is the warranty period for Nanuk cases?

A. All NANUK cases from medical equipment cases to photographic equipment cases are guaranteed for life.

Q. What is the lid depth for each of the Nanuk cases?


  • Nanuk 903 = 0.5”(13mm)
  • Nanuk 904 = 0.8”(20mm)
  • Nanuk 905 = 1.4”(35mm)
  • Nanuk 910 = 1.3”(33mm)
  • Nanuk 915 – 960 = 2.1”(55mm)
  • Nanuk 990-995 = 1.6”(41mm)


Q. What kind of glue will adhere to the inside of the Nanuk case?

A. For bonding multiple layers of foam we recommend 3M Spray 90 adhesive.

For bonding foam to the inside of the case we recommend 3M Spray 90 adhesive. Flame treatment of the case is recommended to increase the strength of the bond. Do not flame treat the foam.